Lil Barcaski

CEO/Project Manager/Head Writer
My Background: I have a very diverse background, mainly in the creative arts. My college years were spent studying everything from music to theater to film making and photography. I am an accomplished drummer and vocalist and therefore spent a lot of day time hours working in restaurants to pay the bills. Always an entrepreneur, I somehow wound up a chef and a restaurateur, which allowed me to be creative in yet another way. I got a crash course in marketing owning small cafes and a catering business. I learned that if you are passionate about what you do, you can get that across to customers and create a thriving business no matter what the product you are selling, the location or the economic climate.

What I Do:  Being the CEO of LongBar Corporation (the parent company of Virtual Creatives), allows me to use all of my skills from the creative to the entrepreneurial. I spend most of my days working with clients, making sure that their websites fulfill their vision. I do a lot of networking and have learned the value of connections. I lead the team, manage the projects and eat a lot of business lunches.
My skills include sales, project management, creative and business writing, and editing.  I am a very experienced content writer and either write or edit most of the content for every website we produce.  I also blog and ghost write for many of our clients.

What Makes Me Tick: I love working with people. Whether I am playing drums in a blues band or giving a talk at a business seminar I love the connection to people. I come from a mainly Italian background and hail from New Jersey so I speak my mind and believe in honesty, integrity, and follow-through. My background in theater and acting has prepared me to understand humanity in a very in-depth way. I recently began writing plays and love to tell my own story and the stories of the people that have touched my life through this genre. I enjoy the fact that I am on the front lines with clients and I am the one that gets to work with them to discover things about their business and themselves as we create something that helps them realize their dreams and goals.