Chrome to Label Non-HTTPS Sites as “Not Secure”

Starting at the end of January 2017, Google Chrome set a new standard that all websites without SSL certificates will be marked as ‘insecure’ in the browser address bar. In the past, most websites have not needed SSL connection, because shopping cart transactions were not handled directly on the website.

In this age of increasing hacker activity, it is important to be sure our users can browse our websites safely. We are seeing more and more hacked websites. Hackers are sneaking unsavory content into websites or worse. We saw one site this week that was distributing ransomeware.

What We Recommend

If you do not have an SSL certificate installed on your website, we recommend that you add one as soon as possible. The new address bar warning may confuse your site visitors who sign into your website. Users may interpret the message to indicate that your website is not safe.

An SSL certificate will help protect your website. When an SSL certificate is used, usernames and passwords entered on your sign in page become unreadable to hackers.

Some hosting companies supply free SSL certificates and some do not, so we are working on the best solutions for our customers. For most websites, an SSL can be installed at no cost. If you are unfamiliar with how to install a free SSL certificate, Virtual Creatives would be happy to install one for you for a small fee. Contact us for the most cost efficient way to protect your website.

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