Virtual Creatives works with a team of entrepreneurial creatives.  We have a group of extremely talented developers, designers and graphic artists who work with us on a project by project basis. We work only with developers in the United States and have a long standing and great relationship with every team member.  When you work with us. you will work with a project manager and assigned team that will help you create the vision you have for your site.

Lil Barcaski

Lil Barcaski has been a self-starting entrepreneur for her entire 35 plus year career. In the past she has been a successful restaurateur and a professional actor/musician.

For the last 15 + years, Lil has been the CEO and project manager of a publishing and marketing firm based out of the Tampa Bay area and a much sought-after ghostwriter and consultant. She has ghostwritten dozens of books in the business, memoir, and even fiction genres.

Lil is an author, playwright, blogger, coach, and consultant.

As CEO of GWN Publishing/Virtual Creatives, she heads up a staff of writers, editors, designers, and publishing experts. Lil also uses acting techniques to help speakers hone their stage presentations by using her extensive training In acting, and directing learned in her home state, New Jersey, and later at New York University (NYU).

Lil’s main speaking platform is “Writing for the Greater Good.”
Main topics include writing, speaking, publishing, and diversity.

Becky Melton

Becky has been a website developer since 2002, specializing in WordPress websites. Becky was a website engineer at the television network HSN ecommerce website from 2004 to 2019. In the past, Becky has also worked as clothing buyer for May Company, Iveys Department Stores and Maison Blanche.

In her spare time, Becky enjoys gardening and she loves to paint.

Katelyn Stewart

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Kristina Conatser

Hi, I’m Kristina Conatser, the quirky, passionate, and driven designer behind Captured By KC Designs. To tell you a little about me, I thrive on bringing my clients visions to life through graphic design. Whenever my clients succeed, I succeed. Helping others coupled with the freedom of creative design, I’m inspired to keep learning, growing, and pursuing my dreams. It’s because of this that I launched Captured by KC Designs!

After spending a decade working freelance coupled with designing a vast array of product design types, I’ve developed an eye for designing visuals that capture attention and help clients to grow their business. With a background in customer service, I understand quality communication and customer satisfaction are equally important.

The “People First” motto is especially important to me. Whenever my clients work with me, they are getting an individualized and genuine down-to-Earth conversation, unlike many big design agencies. My customer service ethics are real and so are my results. In other words, no generic responses.

To sum up, I am the wearer of many hats & doer of many things. When I am not lost in the world of Adobe design programs, I can be found at my home in North Carolina wearing my super mom cape as an ever-ready and on-the-go mom of multiples.