Is it cheating if someone else writes my blog post?

I don’t mow my own lawn.

Why? Because I’m not good at it.  I mean, I can cut the grass well enough to not have the house be an embarrassment to the neighborhood but I can’t trim the edges nicely and get that, right off the pages of Home and Garden, look that my landscaper can.

More importantly, my time is valuable.  I don’t have the cool riding mowers, trimmers and weed whackers that the lawn guy has.  His team swarms my yard like a field of locusts and in thirty minutes we’re ready for a magazine cover.  I would take all day to do that and half as well at best.

And… it costs me about as much per month for them to do these amazing feats as I make in an hour.

Do the math!

So, if writing is not your best skill, but you know who you are and what you want the world to know about you, it’s okay for someone else to write the actual posts, push them out to your social media and shine a light on your work.

I know what I want my lawn to look like.  My landscaper and I made the plan together but he and his team execute it every month.  If I want something to be different, I just ask him to “edit” things.

Want to blog but hate to write?  We can do that for you!

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