Who can write my Blog or Newsletter for me?

Many businesses need to keep up with their Blog and Newsletter but most people don’t really love to write.  Moreover, writing an effective blog or powerful, monthly newsletter takes a little skill and finessing.

Well, good news. At Virtual Creatives, we love words and writing and we’d love to do that for you.  We’re happy to research topics and create powerful, dynamic, content for all your needs. We blog for realtors, lawyers, and doctors and are willing to tackle almost any subject matter, so long as it’s legal and ethical of course. (pornography is not our thing LOL).

we love words

Some important questions we will ask before creating your Blogs and Newsletters:

Assuming you have a website (and preferably a WordPress site) Here are some things we ask potential clients.

  • What is the main focus of your business?
  • How would blogging help to keep your potential clients informed and in contact with you?
  • What information would be useful to share in a monthly newsletter?
  • What social media are you using?
  • What email service are you using? Ex. Constant Contact, Mail Chimp
  • Does your website’s blog push directly to your social media when you make a post
  • Do you hold events that you would like to share on social media?

So, if you think it’s time to start that program of regular blogging or sending out that monthly newsletter., Give us a call at 727.348.6682 or email us. We can also take a look at your website content and evaluate your SEO (search engine optimization) to see if you need a little help in that department.  Fresh content is always great for your search rankings.

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